Being a leader is much more than just having a title or managing a team. It is constantly growing, evolving, and being a change agent. If you want to become the very best leader you can, you know that you need a business coach. A Business Coach enables you to move from a firefighter and become a fire starter.

Next Degree Leader offers Executive Coaching, Small Business Coaching, SWOT Analysis, Sales Training and More to help you grow your business.
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Executive Coaching is what business leaders seek to help with strategic thinking, boosting revenue, improving morale and more. Leaders who desire to develop other leaders understand that growth is an intentional behavior.

What is Executive Coaching? Imagine a relationship that is entirely focused on you! A relationship that brings you a fresh perspective.

Our Next Degree Leader seasoned and professional coaching team has decades of experience managing people and running businesses at an extremely successful level. In fact, we are still doing those exact same things. We have also had many failures along the way. As you probably know and know well, if you haven’t failed at doing something, you have yet to do enough.

In our executive coaching sessions, we focus on you. We focus on your goals, your team, your systems, your revenue, your offerings, your products and much more.

We focus on you and your needs!

Keep this in mind, it isn’t the incompetent that keeps a business from succeeding; the incompetent will usually never achieve a position to where they have enough influence to hold an organization back. It is those that have reached a level of success and now won’t invest in growth, won’t change themselves and won’t make a decision that will hold an organization back! Get expert-level executive coaching from the Next Degree Leader team and improve your organization with:

  • Dedicated Coach
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Improved Leadership Skills
  • Greater Self Awareness
  • Boosted Sustainable Revenues
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Greater Action
  • Accountability


You have most likely stated that you wear many hats multiple times each day. We understand that you have vision, but you are also personally responsible for fighting the day to day fires that get started… sometimes even without you knowing there was a fire.

Small Business Coaching might be one of the most important times of your journey. This is where you can breathe, you can focus, you can cast vision, and you can think about goals.

Our Next Degree Leader Small Business Coaching Team is focused on you. We are focused on your goals, both short- and long-term. We will listen to you, not just hear you. It is our mission to help you look forward so you can see things coming at you while looking behind you and helping you learn from the things you have already gone through.

We will help you not only fight the fires, but will help you focus on igniting a spark of passion within you, your business and your team!


  • Dedicated Coach
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Refinement of your vision
  • Greater Self Awareness
  • Boosted Sustainable Revenues
  • Improved Organizational Culture
  • Improved Communication
  • Accountability


  • Organizational Mission & Vision
  • Your Team
  • Organizational Culture
  • Your Offerings (Products and/or Services)
  • Work Life Balance
  • Revenvue Goals
  • & MORE


Have your sales declined? Is your sales team struggling to establish rapport with clients? Are prospects not returning your calls? Whether you’re new to the sales game or have years of experience, this fresh approach will take your sales to the Next Degree.

  • Identify your preferred style of selling and understand your sales strengths and limitations.
  • Learn how to connect with potential buyers and find out what makes them tick.
  • Using the matrix of customer buying styles, learn how to sell to every type of person.
  • Receive a detailed sales impact report and get a clear picture of how to improve your sales performance and results.

Gain the momentum you need for ongoing growth & success!


Where do you see your business in 1, 3, 5 or even 10 years? You’ll never reach your goals if you don’t start planning and preparing today. Now’s the time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, along with your goals and objectives, to come up with a vision for the future.

A SWOT Analysis facilitated by our Next Degree Leader team can help you better understand where your team is right now and then determine direction and vision, along with action steps for moving forward. Our SWOT Analysis will help you move toward your goals for growth and success in the present and for the future.

A SWOT Analysis will help your business to:

  • Understand the STRENGTHS of your team and your business
  • Address your individual and collective WEAKNESSES
  • Capitalize on your OPPORTUNITIES
  • Deter potential business THREATS

Our expert team can provide a fresh perspective along with in-depth insights to help you chart a course for the future. With clearly defined steps and a strategy for growth, our team can help your team reach your organizational goals.

"Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar."

-Orrin Woodward